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Why we're Unique

Power Photography

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10 Things That Make Us Unique

We will do whatever it takes to help make your day everything you have ever dreamed about.

1. You will have fun and feel relaxed on your Wedding Day. When we take your pictures we like to create a pleasant atmosphere where everyone is enjoying themselves. When you're having fun and feeling relaxed, your pictures will be great. You should feel comfortable with your photographer because except for each other, you will spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than anyone else.

2. You will have a photographer who truly cares about you and will listen to your requests. After all its your day, so if you have any special requests just let us know. Whatever you want we will go above and beyond to accommodate you.

3. You can have your pictures taken at different locations at no extra charge. Wherever you want to go it's fine with us. Some of our favorite places are at the Park, Quidi Vidi, Signal Hill, or the Beach. There is nothing like a romantic walk along the beach.

You will have plenty of time on your Wedding Day for us to create for you beautiful portraits that you will cherish forever.

We will take whatever time is neccessary to create for you incredible photographs of your special day, as long as it fits within your schedule.

4. Ask us about The Parents Pride

- A picture of you in your Wedding Dress or Tux on one side of a frame and on the other side is a picture of you as a little girl or little boy. In the middle is a very special sentimental verse to your parents. It's sure to bring a tear to their eye.

5. You can be guaranteed of no rain for your pictures. No we can not guarantee no rain on your wedding day but we can arrange to create photographs for you on another day when the weather is suitable. You can go almost anywhere you want within a 30 minute drive of St. Johns and create the most beautiful pictures you can imagine. Usually these pictures only include the bride and groom but you can bring along anyone you like. There is no extra charge for this service.

6. We guarantee your portrait will fit perfectly in your home. If you can not decide what size you would like, order the larger size and if after you bring it home you decide it's too big you can return it within 30 days and get a smaller portrait and we will refund the difference. We want you to be totally happy with your decision.

7. If for any reason your wedding is cancelled and we become fully booked for that day we will refund your full deposit.

8. We are constantly striving to create new and exciting poses. We continue to educate ourselves in the latest styles to create a fresh and unique portrait for you. A portrait you will cherish forever.

9. You should feel like a prince or princess on your Wedding Day, getting exactly what you want. The best way to do this is to have good communication with your photographer, before and after the wedding. Everyone has different priorities, let us know what yours are. This is how we can make sure everything runs smoothly, to get these special pictures you requested, we will take the time to find out exactly what you want so when your wedding day comes you don't have to think about those things, you just enjoy your day.

10. You should enjoy your photography session as much as the rest of day. The only person (except for each other) that you will spend as much time with on your wedding day is your photographer. That is why it so important to choose a photographer that cares as much about your day as you do. I truly believe nobody else will help create for you, special photographic memories in such a caring atmosphere as we will.

We will take all the time neccessary to create beautiful memories of your day travelling to extra locations if you choose. We are only too happy to accomadate your special requests. After all its your day. Nobody will put their heart and soul into creating beautiful memories like we will. We understand how important this day is to you. You can be assured that we will do everything possible to help make your wedding day as beautiful as you always dreamed it would be.

If this sounds like the vision you have for your wedding then call us now at 364 - 8548