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1. How much time for photography is included in your packages ?

We usually start at the Brides home 11/2 hours before the wedding and continue until the first few Dances. If you would like us to go to the Grooms house we can do that at no additional charge but you must request it.

2. How many locations are included ?

There are no restrictions on the amount of locations you can go to have your photographs taken? There is no additional charge to go to extra locations.

3.What do we do if the weather is not suitable for outside photographs ?

Many people book an alternative location for inside photographs in the event of unsuitable weather. Please call us for suggestions before you book an inside location as not all inside locations are suitable. We also have a backdrop we can set up at the reception area if required.

4. Can our guests take photographs while you are taking our photographs?

Yes, we understand that your guests may want to take some photographs at your wedding. We ask that you keep to the side and take your photographs and you don't interfere with the photographer. Other than that they can take as many photographs as they want.

5. Will the package prices increase after we book?

The prices are guaranteed once you book your day unless you change your wedding date. All pictures in the package must be ordered within 6 months of your wedding day.

6. What is the deposit to book the day?

The first deposit is $400.00 to book your wedding day.

7. Are the digital negatives included in the packages ?

The digital negatives are included in all our packages listed here.

8. Is there an extra charge for a wedding that is out of town ?

We can travel outside the St. Johns area from Burnt Cove to Pouch Cove to Seal Cove and all points in between at no extra charge. For locations beyond that there is a charge of .50 per km.